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 How to Make Peruvian Style Silk Thread Earrings

 Wire Tutorial

 Shaping the wire.

Coil Tutorial

How to make the coils

Coil Maker

Homemade Coiling Gizmo

 Wrap Tutorial

How to thread wrap an earring

When Buying Beads and Wire, Always compare prices and quantity

Peruvian style silk thread earrings have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  
Handmade thread earrings are made with embroidery thread on semi-hard jewelry wire. 

This ikologee tutorial includes four videos that give step by step instructions on how to make silk thread earrings - from making the wire frame and coil to thread wrapping.  There is also a video on making a coil maker or coiling gizmo - if you do not already have one.


*iko is a series of tutorials for handmade jewelry, etc. a jewelry box of handmade accessories for women.